System which transforms environmental heat energy into electricity using specific properties of ferroelectrics.

The vehicle that uses energy of the environment via forming of a directional flow of entropy.

Car that uses this technology does not need any charging from any sources except surrounding air. As a result, it becomes independent of the power stations. The waste is only a flow of a cool air, that’s why it is most environmentally friendly as possible.

Thermodynamics of dielectrics states that charging and discharging of a capacitor with a specific type of dielectric lead to the changes in its characteristics: temperature, heat capacity and entropy. The more dielectric permittivity depends on the temperature, the more changes in the characteristics take place. Using capacitors with significant nonlinear ability the system will transform heat energy into electricity or even concentrate heat energy with its further conversion.

While driving a car, the air comes through the ferroelectric systems of the intakes. The energy conversion is realized by the usage of ferroelectric elements, which are installed in a car. These elements transform the air heat energy, which penetrates through the intakes. As a result, the cost of a vehicle decreases, it produces cool air instead of exhaust fumes.

We have set a plan for the further research and the first steps have already been done to achieve to the goal - the creation of an environmental heat energy transformer. We have had consultations with Mr. A. Atamas, PhD, in Kyiv Polytechnic Institute with the leading specialists in the field of thermodynamics of dielectrics in Ukraine. Then a Seignette's salt crystal have been grown in order to study its properties. We have conducted an experiment in the “MANLab” laboratory, which consisted of alternative heating and cooling the capacitor with ferroelectric material. This experiment has demonstrated that our theory is true: a current in the circle have been received. However, this type of energy conversion system cannot work without the heat modulation – the alternative heat supply to the capacitors. That’s why the next step is to investigate the principle of DIRECT HEAT ENERGY TRANSFORMATION without any kind of heat modulation.

All in one, the technology of environmental heat energy conversion allows to prolong the cruising range of a vehicle, it does not depend on the battery level and the socket resources. The system provides the vehicle with energy by itself. The evident advantage of the system is that it is environmentally friendly. Moreover, cars equipped with such systems will be healing our Earth.

We send this article to automakers in order to find a partner and continue our research. If you are interested in it, please, contact us for further information.