The aim of our work is to extract and practical use electricity from the atmosphere.

At the moment we are very dependent on resources such as oil and gas.

Way to using a natural energy is a Global challenge for all of us.

Our planet is in ocean of energy. Storm clouds actually confirm the existence of huge energy reserves.

Energy that surrounds us in the atmosphere is the most natural. Its use is most appropriate and environmentally friendly.

From course of physics we know that the electric field of the Earth is 130 V/m. That is, with increasing height of the potential difference between the ground and the upper electrode increases to 130V each meter. This means that at a height of 100 meters voltage is 130x100 = 13000V. With electrical current in 1A, available 13kW energy.

It’s proposed setting for the extract of electricity from the atmosphere which includes a antenna 50 meters of height and electrodes that are installed around.

One end of the electrode connected to ground and the other one freely rises up.

Scientific novelty is in the fact that the scheme was developed for the production of electricity from the atmosphere by artificial clouds which are ionized by the local electric field, which is emitted by ionizing antenna. This antenna is for ionizing of particles within a certain radius.

Because of the abundance of charged particles that are collected at the electrodes, the electric current will be excited. Next, using voltage transformers, energy will be sent to consumers.

Атмосферная электростанция